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09 February 2008 @ 02:28 am
My names Julie but Jules to all my friends :)

I havent written in this thing in forever so firstly updating this,this is the only post that will be public as the rest will be private because Its good to have somewhere to go rant these days plus I like to just share important things with people I can trust .If I know you then I will add you straight away :)just ask .

Im a huge Chophia fan and love them together and always will :)I have been a fan of this couple since forever and even though they may not be together I still believe they will find there way back.

I love Chad I just dont love ck if you see what I mean lol. I am a fan of both Chad and Sophia and think theyre both amazing at everything they do :)I seriously cant stand bashing about either Chad or about Sophia and will always stand up for them as they deserve it and dont deserve vicious things said about them .

I am also of course a major brucas fan ,they are definetly the real love story on that show and hopefully one day we see a brucas reunion :) Im also loving naley this season I never was a naley fan actualy thats kinda putting the wrong message across ,what I mean is I liked them of course but never really shipped them ,brucas is my main ship on this show ,if you see what I mean but this season I can totally say that I absolutly love naley and completly love their scenes and their scenes with jamie :)

I could do go on but stopping now before I ramble lol

Im careful with who I trust these days so if your added it means I love you all and trust you completly:) and if your not added well ........

So guess all there is left to say is welcome to my world :) I dont hold back with a lot of things lol so enjoy reading my posts :)At times there will probably be random lol and other times just rants at ridiculous things but I need to let of steam somewhere right?.lol

Anyways add me if you want :)